Delphi, Greece. Social prjct, egocentrism, history, public call, pilgrimage, natural material, conceptual form, location value


ὀμφαλός Onfalo

It is a social dynamization project that reflects on the egocentrism based on history.  It’s articulated itself as a series of public calls for the realization of short expeditions / procession / pilgrimage around Delphi. All pieces made involving three distinct stages: collection of natural materials, development of a piece from the materials collected and eventually deposited ell in a different place from the original. As an example one of those pieces involved an expedition to the Gulf of Itea where flying seeds branches were collected, once in Delphi was developed with these a sphere (the natural materials are made in ways that provided not only a conceptual form, but a value on the location of Delphi as a former «onfalo» of the Mediterranean and the idea of center as relative), making the diversity of seeds in one that took on a new public expedition to Mount Parnassus where deposited to be split by the wind, disappearing the work and again become a projection of an infinite number of seeds.

This project has a second edition in New York that wasn´t developed because the S11 was censored due that it verse about the weaknes of the power.  2001