Aislamiento I

This project base in the making of a hole and a tower in the dessert as containers for a person have been created to with four main objectives:

–         Empathise with the Saharauis in their isolation, the connection have been so that hundreds of nomads from faraway where at the end of the action to take him out of the hole. An art-action of great repercussion and social implication. He stayed 24 hours in a hole excavated in the sand of the desert, afterward constructed a platform and remained at the top with a strong wind from where finally he atomized water around it. Nest Year hi hang up head down.

–         Built a very impact images associated specifically with the Western Sahara. This images have been the most reproduced that have built a concept of place making through the identification of the Saharauis with them and by the occidental world recognising this images like the ones of Western Sahara.

–         Built a marketing (concept of mark) of the Western Sahara by having this same photo repeated with famous people as Manu Chao, Javier Bardén… connected in the support of this freedom project.

–         A tourist travel set offer all around the world by tourist operators that include a travel to the Western Sahara to have a unique experience to connect with the people and experiment the loneliness and the purity of the dessert by this actions and to have your photos in the hole and in the towers as the mark of the place and as the famous, as image that you could only can be take there. The brouchers of the travel is a great opportunity and publicity to show up about the conflict and to show a conflict that no one talks about it.  2008


Tifariti, Western Sahara. Inverted, changing reality, isolation, solidarity, refuges, empathize

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