Helsinki, Imatra, Laperanta (Finland) Frontiers, differences coincidences egocentricity? politic social manipulation power structure


Centre, Spiral, Frontier.

The borders have been in history and still are spaces of disagreement and encounter, both virtual realities are limits of power. Mutual knowledge, the progressive interactions and existence question its necessity and become redoubts, which command locations of wealth and poverty.

It is therefore to perform this installation I was interested in the border between Finland and Russia, specifically St. Petersburg-Helsinki connection through Imatra and Tampere. As a symbol of the breakdown of transit spaces I spread the installation in the Finnish Russian border control. The journey was a pilgrimage walk, human slowing down… The Russian zone installation was done illegally, ​​a fundamental part of a non-institutional and artistically revolutionary, involving some drawbacks, which stimulates and complements the work itself.

The sharp points are nailed and almost magically hold great weight in comparison with the trivial point of support and the spiral bent to make a figure in tension are focusing crosshairs, observe and point to the realities are, running a sniper mode thereof. Reality shows otherwise, or transforms that reality to be present.

Among the most important places where the system is deployed on home/workshop: Hvitträsk, architects Saarinen, Lindgren and Gesellius, place together with their families was created as a work of art to end up selling your home, such splendour and the difficulty of human relationships.  2003.