Kazan (Rusia), Krakow, Warsaw (Poland) Evolution, network, politic, live, printing, absurd, camp of extermination.



The Chysalises are done with litho plates, already used and printed (already were the origin of printed documents), but reshaped to build a new item with the need of pilgrimage and be redefined.

A complex art project that aims to reflect upon the identity as something that is alive, in constant evolution. Installations have been carried out in Poland (Krakow and Warsaw) and in Russia (Kazan), where aluminium structures were hung in a variety of different spots, like metal chrysalises invading everyday spaces that are re-interpreted thanks to their presence. These installations conceptually and visually feed other exhibitions and vice-versa. The pieces have a real past that fills the reflection with content. In turn, the involvement of other thinkers in my various projects is fundamental.

I use chrysalises, due to their particularly stimulating presence. Looking at them takes us beyond their formal characteristics. We are before something that is apparently static, but which is actually undergoing a process of change: lethargy is a process; its image is the symbol of the ephemeral and mutable, of a dynamic changing identity.

Part of this installation was set on refuges camps, but just some pictures were take (due to personal feeling reasons…).