Granada, Vegas del Genil, Spain decision making, play, responsibility, observer or participant, agriculture, denounce.

Arte de Acción

Stockholm Fashion Destination

Isidro Lopez-Aparicio raises a collective action that links viewers and artist, being one of the main functions of latent project. Was carried out in the space outside the malls, adjacent to the dryers, which have a mix of natural and artificial described by the size of the plot and generate a shady space that from a distance looks like a construction: cathedrals of Vega. And it was in one of his columns, poplars which was held in the main action that would climb a tree, climbing halfway up and on a table in the form of step with its symbolism as cruise stood to tie on his head dropped ropes to the floor. From above encouraged the attendees caught and were to turn around the «Stylite column».

ILA ends tied in the tree, as a complaint and space defense and their ways of life, as it is linked in the column.

The movement management, how to interbreed became an area of ​​decision making, first playful, and later became a time of commitment and responsibility, because the strings while crisscrossing over Lopez-Aparicio were generated a nest, a cocoon that enveloped him, I finally chose the tree loose and dropped his body deposited in them the responsibility for your life. The viewer is not only an observer or participant, but responsible for the work and the result of the action. The audience was going to be aware of the significance of the fact.
That shady space became a symbolic place with its own Ecce Homo, high column in Poplar bound and compressed in the game and rotating mass of interwoven strings.
Below, people raise their eyes.

Done in the frame of the Art Festival: Huellas Latentes, curated by CruceZero, in defens of the agricultura way of living of the la Vega of Granada.