Follow the White Rabbit, Natural Balance

For the 2009 Festival, Hibrids 2.0 (Barcelona) in partnership with, invited 5 artists to participate in the Natural Balance Exhibition. This would include 5 artists working with nature to create temporary outdoor site specific installations in Girona (Spain). The projects involved public participation, and highlight the importance of international interdependence and collaboration around environmental issues.

Natural Balance is a central aspect of any sustainable system. Creation and destruction are inseparable forces that often function simultaneously. Human beings are an integral part of this ecological system. Artists, in particular, have an important role to play in transforming human perception and mediating our understanding of the urban landscape.

The instalation explore the possibility of a more ecologically balanced relationship with the natural world. The projects will be temporary and should include natural materials and living elements. All projects should also be site specific and relate to the architectural, human and ecological context of each site.

In particular this projects add the importance and difficult of chossing, taking a deccision in live. The things that look right (alive) could be wrong (dead) and the ones wrong (dead) hidding the right ones, or just there is no right or wrong…


Girona, Spain environment, sustainable, urban landscape, architect, public, human and ecological context, choosing.