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The purpose that routes this project is to make accessible to the general public to those realities that one reason or another are not known, are obviated or forgotten.
The tools used were the interventions primarily through actions in the spaces, so as to recreate situations, document from media and archive data. This allows us to generate visible reflections necessary to emphasize, generate a participatory environment and social critical consciousness.

The results have been show in public spaces, as this video part of a multi chanes video instalation, show in the a square of Cartagena over the militar walls.

This project aims to be a tool that allows and encourages the possibility that those directly involved in the life of the town are showing their past or present realities.
There are a lot of stories and events to those who do not normally have access, without forming part of reality that comes to our knowledge, being realities around us.

Our main intention is to create opportunities to show physical and social spaces that are shared with the community
       and help build understanding and
            A multidisciplinary team built an artistic proposal in which grammars themselves from the visual arts will develop an exhibition project which shows the diversity and plurality of approaches
• Procedure and description of phases:
• Creating a web platform for
dissemination of video, images and data.
• Interviews with the representative selected by the municipality for social involvement in the project
• Selection and preparation of units and surveys: research questions and study questions.
• Finding people: case studies and qualitative evaluation method. 
 • In conclusion note that this research aims to recover a cache of experience, located in the temporal and physical environment. And has as a tool for generating artistic creation as a conciliator and evocative space. In order to generate both a meeting place of memory as to promote a particular art project that encourages, from perception and emotional and intellectual involvement…



Granada, Cartagena, Motril, Spain Reflexion, socialization, memory, reflexion, archive, consciusnes

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