Inverted, Learning How to Relate (Crew)

Two hundred people hanging head-own in random groups sizes, as human relation close groups.
This action was created by Isidro López-Aparicio to built a radical new circumstance between the members of a peace meeting between people that they are in hard conflict, to bring them together in a strong new circumstance, sharing space, feeling out of control and having physical contact, shaking their prejudices and bringing them together aging after that experience with new parameters of relation.
This action has became unique and more open and enjoyable experience in which all kind of people from 2 to 75 years old have share the space in the Air with other people, building strong metaphoric images, with a high repercussion in the media and keeping in the memory of the viewers.
In this video you can listen the voice of Andres Neuman saying his poem «Aire» adapted ad-oc for this video creation.

This performance have been realiced in Granada, Sevilla and Cordoba (for the 10th aniversary of SCARPIA) and showed in the «noche en Blanco» in the Federico Guzman project curated by Rafael Doctor.


Granada, Sevilla, Madrid, Córdoba, Spain

Arte de Acción