Inverted, Learning How to Relate

This video is done with the colaboration with Andres Neuman.

This project was design as a space of encounter, a action of mediation, to Joint people in a common destiny, in a circumstance that they don control, and they relate each other in this funny circumstance.

Already close to 200 people were hung up side down in Granada, Sevilla, Cordoba (Spain), Saimaa (Finland), Tifariti (Western Sahara), and selected for a show in China (Ping Yao Art Festival, China), Sea Leavel (St. Petesburg), GAM, Museum of Contemporary Art (Palermo, Sicily, Italy), and other places in Spain… The art project is show up in installations using video, photography, backlights, microscopes, telescoped, sculptures, machines, draws…

Each person has a totally subjective experience of his or her existence. The projection of the person’s owns individuality creates its environment and perception. Context is real insofar as the individual exists who conditions his appearance and behaviour.

There are as many worlds as beings that perceive and change in a process, dynamic, constant, and unstable: the ways that the individual relates to others from his or her particularity as a critical element that questions established schemas of social and political structures. People, rational units, who question the established ways and generate new ways to relate, participate in constructing a world in parameters humans and environmental.

All established approaches generate prejudices and limit our freedom to develop. That is why society needs to generate «standards», in order to protect the masses from diverse realities; it is easier to conceal reality limiting possibilities. The problem is that those regulations make us see a biased reality, a world in which we cannot find ourselves and where we feel both scared and curious.

It is important to break these conventions and to transgress them in a defence of individuality and autonomous thinking. It is paradoxical how we feel participants of one or other place depending if we feel part or not of the establish conventions. From our right of freedom we need to transgress conventional restrictions and become a part of our own reality as knowledge and understanding process.

If we change our points of reference, things no longer fit, social referents change, our lives become distant from those of our ancestors, the past weighs on us, memory is present, but above them we write our lives, we must find and define new ways of living and living together.

Head down we are defenceless, we lose our referents, we are ourselves but we have trouble recognizing ourselves, things are not as they used to be… What seems inverted is not really so; it is only another way to see ourselves, to relate.

“Then I saw you hanging upsidedown on a tree and it was shocking – not because of violence, no no, but because it was so intimate, so deep concentration, so strong”. Ulla Aatinen.


Spain Collaboration Andres Neuman. Space of encounter, mediation, common destiny, broken "standards", autonomous thinking, freedom, transgression.

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