Multitude without physical context

Inter Art Center and Gallery, Beijing
All the Things Between – Photography and video from Europe and North America


‘all the things between’ a major exhibition of photography by eight artists from Europe and North America who all, in their distinct ways, critique the nature of global media representations and the ability of photography and film to serve as an all-encompassing mediator of reality. By exploring and debunking the ubiquitous imagery of slick consumerism ‘all the things between’ seeks to question the narratives that overlay and homogenize culture and location.


In a visually saturated age, our perceptions of truth and experience are mediated and made uncertain by our capacity to vicariously absorb knowledge through images. Our understanding of the world is dominated by iconic media images and photography and video is seen as a tool to record what is the truly newsworthy, grandiose and momentous. ‘all the things between’ explores the gaps or fissures between these so-called events, whether it is the objectification of the seemingly mundane or a re-imagining of a time and place seen through improbable circumstances. Collectively the artists in this show share a dialogue that gives visual form to questions about our expectation of realism and the reading of imagery in the age of globalization, suspending the spectator in the space between.


Alison Dalwood (UK), Stephan Hausmeister (Germany), Sam Jury (UK), Tim Van Laar (USA), Isidro L-aparicio (Spain), Stefan Sulzer (Switz), Sebastian Utzni (Germany), Michael Wright (UK) 2008


Beijin, China. St. Petesburgh, Rusia Social and Human Relation, remembers, dreams, family, lonliness