PARADOXIA, The perfume

The Perfume PARADOXIA is an art creation shaped like a merchandising strategy to advertise a new product. But the main aim of both the perfume and the action is marking- labelling an exclusive group of people. As usual as any group of reference tries to identify themselves with a specific item, a tribe has its own marks, or in the concentration camps people were tattooed, the group are marked with a specific aroma, something that looks inoffensive and even is offered by lovely hostesses and accompanied with a gift, the people finally share the same fragrance and the same possession: a small golden tap bottle with the precious liquid. They will stay all together for three hours in the same space synergy – connecting the new visual and conceptual knowledge with the fragrance that has changed the atmosphere. In the same way, they are forced to coexist connected with something that is out of their control and is not part of themselves, is part of that moment and their circumstances.

When the group leaves the space, the action has built a feeling of connection. They will mix with other people, who don’t smell the same[2] and in someway are strangers. But still they could recognise the people from the group through the perfume finding something in common, as a kind of invisible code, part of a confidential key that is only understood by those people. The smell will remain and it will be connected with the expressed ideas, building an identity. They have a common experience and interest that have related each other. Now they (belong to this tribe) are part of this «tribe» thanks to their common experience and interest.

[1] The fragrance has been designed with a recognisable citric essence: refreshing, uplifting, anti-stress/anti-depressant, antiseptic, enhances mood, and help with relaxation.
[2] Ants learn the odours of members of their colony and they recognise each other. Ants are aggressive again when they encounter an unfamiliar individual with different odour.

Created by iLA / isidro López-Aparicio Curated by Etienne Bernard



Nantes, France

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