Cluj Napoca, Bucharest (Romania) Social critic, identity, network, politic, legal-iligal, public-privet…



This is one of the Migrant installations undertaken in public and privet spaces, done in many countries: clearly political wrought or confronted with situations of conflict, whether social injustice, tax havens, power structures … generating situations of strangeness, surprise, bewilderment, admiration, insecurity … Mainly usually illegal or legality is used to generate a critical situation on elements like control.

In Romania the centrepiece I made was a spherical network of golden wire, which describes an open space while allowing the actually pass through it to assess the environment. Inside are some other small areas, using numbers that have a strong historical magical weight, but highlights the inclusion of a hive of bees, at its centre, as a symbol of society-community: The hornet’s nest to be in essence paper contrasts with hardness and provides a wire organic warmth.

The inclusion of this nest on the net is a metaphor for Romania in the European network, as a posturing in the sense of showing what it will be even before it is. Unification is something important as part of a network against slow moving communication; it implies an act, not only informative, but of profound knowledge, tolerance and generosity. It is so vital, despite the difficulty, that the network continue to spread, black sea jumping towards Islamic Turkey.

This object as a religious reminisce, hence the golden container of a organic matter in it look as a relic: as the Romanian society is shrouded in myth and mystery, hence use two different cities with the outside world inference: Cluj Napoca and Bucharest.

This piece was intended to show in unusual spaces and locations, public or religious sphere in which the utmost respect I must intervene relativizing its existence exclusivist, and overflowing the art object to this aspect of sacro-mystical mysterious. In turn, aims to highlight views from the network, observing the rural and the urban, political and religious, the ordinary and the extraordinary.

The presence of this object in the daily reality causes undeniable strangeness, some people crossed themselves to contemplate. The police, like other times, I stopped, but in this case the piece sparked an interest but no special respect, which increased to check in and see that the box was made for carriage was lined with scores of respect towards a society where if they encounter difficulties economically, culturally are enormously rich.      2004