Papua New Guinea, Fiji Island



The distance helps define our identity and to relativize references. What more far away than the antipodes where defining and displaying in an act of respect for the «supremacy» of the West in his statement of what is above and what is below.

This project went through various stages (some were not carried out for possible serious risks due to the conditions of violence and insecurity in Port Moresby, PNG) arose from the idea of identity and its relativity as the referents. Spanish identity were show up such as the velvets worn by Cofradias in purple and gold robes of Nazareth making a hand puppet shaped referred as an impossible object: head up and down simultaneously, making it impossible to introduce the hand and be manipulated. These Nazarenes were hung like garlands in a wide variety of sites, usually preventing the passage or somewhere highlighting significant, but were altered from their position every twenty-four hours.

These fabrics and this arrangement, predictable in our environment, were taken out of context by the locals and so completely different and generated new reinterpretations and identity distant connections.

Seamstresses Collaboration, Technical Staff Holiday Inn, Ambassador to Australia. 2002