Finland Ecology, Land Art, Absurd, Identity, Art installation.

Arte de Acción

SouthCrazyMan SnowGarden

A intervention with different events: starting with the transportation of an full irrigation system unpacked through European airports from Spain to Finland. It was finally install it in Imatra at 10 degrees below zero waiting to be covered by snow when the irrigation was connected and the water worked sculpting, licking the snow and melting it, to finally draw new forms.

During the night was an open call to people of the town to meet around the installation, light the cars and project the illumination to the screens of steam coming up from the melting snow, how result of pouring hot water.

A new fundamental act was plug with low water pressure during the coldest night so that the prepared surface form surprisingly bunches of ice flowers. The absurd desire of the “»crazy man that came from the south” to plant a garden in the snow became real and logic, all the travel and the acts came to its aim of course in their own way.

Finally it was poured water, melting all that exists and everything returned to its usual state.  2004