Verulamium, United Kingdom Pilgrimage, Social work, privet-public, legal-iligal, sacra-laico, identity



Migrant instalation, bulding visual and conceptual net Heritage and pilgrimage history. The Roman theater of St. Albans, Hertfordshire, part of the net-roman roads, concurrency these cultural symbols, decontextualized and reinterpreted from interventions. The city of St. Albans was the first city founded by the Romans in Britain, the former Verula-mium. In this theater pieces have shown that continuing to work with the network concept, but in this case, within duality of interpretations suggest that these forms, we have tried to emphasize its links with objects embryonic potential to generate new forms. To emphasize this aspect all external networks have been made of a material different from the inner content. It has continued to weave a web of interventions, extending the concept of network between cities, creating these connections and acting as nodes of my creative fabric.

The big Basilica was used as a place of installation-exhibition as part of one of the major pilgrimage sites, adding new icons, reliquaries.