An artistic project that deals with the human will: The installation take advantage of the beginning of a new century to made a stop and contemplate the human behaviour and meditate about the humanity memoir, using three symbols: first the number of year from the born of Christ, second the figurines of Baby Jesus and third the Crucifixion lithographies. It is show as a repetitive pattern lie on the floor of different places. The use of that symbols is not a religious matter, is more about to use icons that usually, at the moment, in the occidental world have to many connotations and the artists try to avoid them, and prefer to move to other cultures and use icons that doesn’t have so much tradition weight and even are more fashionable. I find important be brave and use what we have close. In this case, the occidental world count the years from the born of Jesus, and this is the principal cause because I use it, of course it give me the possibility to play with the annual ceremonies/rituals that every year are more empty and more manipulated for the merchandising.


This is the reason because I use Christmas and Easter like the metaphor of every year resolution and every year betrayed. This is the reason because the figurine have to be over each lithography like the constant fight/weight of the human been between his will and the weakness. And that is the moment to ask questions to the spectator about the human history: in which matters change or remain static, or at least progress towards a change; or are more complicate movements that move backward and forward in different aspects and, in wichs?.

The aim of these exhibitions is that of giving rise to as many interpretations as people who watch them; however, the people involved in the staff and development of the project will keep in mind the invention of bringing up a debate which exists out of the perceptive and immediate consequent thinking level so that a certain amount of texts on the topic is produced.


At the background of the lithography I have use a sixteen century print about the genealogy tree of Jesus, first because make strong the idea of generations activities and it allow me to transform the image in the computer like a modulo, that based in the Arabic patterns it can be repeated and rotated building news patterns. It was very important because the idea is give the possibility to do the installation in different places, with different shapes thinking each one in each new space. The idea is that in every exhibition room the installation changes like the different ways of looking at the history. What is important is that the shapes that are built with the modulus do not have to be related with any kind of symbol, like crosses. It is a game between a non-symbolic/agnostic macroworld and an iconic/religious microworld. It is very important that the first view is just a visual feeling of small objects interrelated that build patterns and visual vibrations, that broke and interfere the exhibitions space, but is when the spectator get close to the pieces, interest to know what are they, when realise what are the icons use and appear bitter feelings, that shake the first idea that the spectator have get about the installation, and them have to inquiry and change his first thought.


The installation became very successful demanded in numerous places. It was take in digital to China and at that moment I decided to stop showing it. 2000-2003


Portugal (Lisbon), Hatfield (UK), Farnham (UK), Bologna, Basílica de S. Stefano (Italy), Singapur (China)